User Interface Class

Basically the user interface for ScalyMUCK.

class interface.Interface(config=None, world=None, workdir='', session=None, server=None)[source]

Client-Server interface class.

The interface class is exactly how it sounds; it’s what the users interact with directly when connected to the ScalyMUCK server, with an exception being the login screen for simplicity and security.

__init__(config=None, world=None, workdir='', session=None, server=None)[source]

Initializes an instance of the ScalyMUCK Client-Server interface class.

The interface class is created internallu by the ScalyMUCK server.

The server passes in an active instance of game.Settings and game.World for the interface to talk to when loading mods as the configuration is used to load relevant config files for the mods and is passed in while the instance of game.World is assigned to each module so that they may access the game world.

Keyword arguments:
config – An instance of Settings that is to be used to load relevant configuration data. world – An instance of the World to pass over to every initialized modification. workdir – The current working directory of the application. This should be an absolute path to application/. session – A working session object that points to the active database. server – The very instance of the ScalyMUCK server.
parse_command(sender=None, input=None)[source]

Called internally by the ScalyMUCK server.

When a user sends a string of data to the server for processing and have passed the initial authentification stage, that string of data is passed in here by the server for processing. This function is what actually performs the command lookups in the loaded command database.

Keyword arguments:
sender – The instance of Player that has trying to invoke a command. input – The text that the Player happened to send.

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