Source code for exception

	ScalyMUCK has several base exceptions for the ScalyMUCK core and 
	ScalyMUCK modifications that may be loaded into the MUCK server.

	Copyright (c) 2013 Robert MacGregor
	This software is licensed under the GNU General
	Public License version 3. Please refer to gpl.txt 
	for more information.

[docs]class ModApplicationError(Exception): """ Generic exception for ScalyMUCK modifications to subclass in order to report errors to the error reporting mechanism. NOTE: This should never be explictely raised by any code. This is designed to be subclassed for proper exception support. """
[docs]class WorldArgumentError(ModApplicationError): """ Raised when using the world API and an invalid argument is specified. """
[docs]class ModelArgumentError(ModApplicationError): """ Raised when a model function is used improperly. """